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What is Counselling? 

How does it work and what might I expect?

The terms Counselling, Therapy and Psychotherapy are often used interchangeably and can be confusing.  Essentially, it’s a professional relationship that provides a safe and confidential space for you to talk through your issues and concerns.  My role is to help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you can have a better understanding of yourself.   You can talk about any subject you like that is impacting your life.    It could include:

  • Your relationships

  • Behaviors that are causing problems or distress

  • Your childhood or events in the past

  • Troubling thoughts

  • How you feel about yourself

  • Situations that you find difficult

"Evening appointments available"

No advice is given or medications prescribed.  You’ll be encouraged to find your own solutions through gaining insight and clarity. Some approaches and interventions offer tools that can help alleviate distress, and you might learn some techniques to help manage stress, distress or upsetting thoughts if appropriate. 

What you’ll get from counselling depends on what issues you bring and what you want to resolve.  Oftentimes, the first benefit from speaking with someone is emotional discharge.  Some people reporting feeling lighter and gain a sense of clarity. The aim is to help you find better ways to understand yourself (gain insight) or bring about changes to help you manage the way you think, behave or cope.

I offer a free, 20 minute introductory telephone call to help you decide if I feel like the right counsellor for you.  Each counselling session lasts for 1 hour, and we would see each other weekly.   A session costs £50.00 and this is payable in cash or bank transfer.    I usually work face to face with clients, but it is also possible to work online. 

Initially we might work together for 6 sessions and then review our work together, however you are never under any obligation.  Sometimes we might decide to work longer together, and we can discuss this when we review.  At the end I hope that clients will be in a place where they feel better than when they started. 

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